Cascade Architectural is a division of Cascade Coil committed to serving the product and service needs of our architect and design customers.

Since 1987, Cascade has provided a full range of functional architectural systems to international markets for commercial and residential applications. Suited for projects of any scale, a number of our most successful installations have been on large-scale structures.

The Cascade Architectural division of Cascade Coil reflects our continued commitment to architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors, building owners, consultants, and channel partners. We offer three distinct architectural building product lines for the commercial and residential construction market.

Cascade Architectural coiled wire fabric systems are manufactured from the widest range of metals and are offered in a great variety of colors and finishes – providing architects and designers a higher degree of design flexibility over alternative woven metal products. In addition, our manufacturing methods create significant efficiencies, which we can then pass along to our customers via lower costs and shorter lead times.

Our cost advantages over competitor systems, combined with our unrivaled experience within the woven wire mesh category, is a delicate balance that we have worked to achieve for decades in the industry. We are able to offer affordable systems with all of the aesthetic qualities, plus safety and security requirements that you need as an architect or designer.

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