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Cascade's coiled wire fabric, Fabricoil® is an extremely versatile and timelessly modern material. As you'll see throughout our project gallery, Fabricoil performs beautifully in a wide range of interior and exterior applications – both small and large-scale. Whether hung as free-flowing drapery mounted to fixed- or operable-track systems, used as infill in fully framed systems, or installed as part of a tensioned panel system Fabricoil often requires less structural support than many wire mesh alternatives. Fabricoil's fabric-like properties also allow the material to be mounted in either coil direction or shape-cut to meet specific design requirements – and unlike most rigid and flexible screening material alternatives, adjacent Fabricoil panels can easily be spliced together to seamlessly span extreme lengths with a single sheet of material.

Cascade's innovative Fabricoil coiled wire fabric systems are sustainably manufactured to specification in the Pacific Northwest and available in a wide range of metal wire materials, gauges, weave sizes, colors, finishes, and attachment systems – offering architects and designers unmatched design flexibility across a full range of interior, exterior, security, and certified blast and projectile protection applications including: Large-scale exterior screening and custom architectural mesh facade systems; Pre-engineered security gates and screens; Interior drapery, window treatments, and solar shading applications; Functional space dividers and partitioning systems; Architectural ceiling treatments; Wall cladding, media backdrops, and retail displays with integrated lighting; Living walls and green screens; Water features; Certified blast and projectile protection systems; and more.

An ideal material for meeting sustainability requirements and green building design criteria, our raw and powder-coated aluminum, steel, nickel-plated steel, tin-plated steel, and stainless steel coiled wire fabric is durable, UV-resistant, flame-resistant, provides thermal performance properties, and is entirely salvageable/reusable at end of life. Many of Cascade's Fabricoil materials also meet stringent Living Building Challenge "Red List Free" requirements.


We take pride in providing expert technical assistance to architects and designers like you to help ensure the success of your project at every stage, so whether you're researching design options, writing a specification, requesting samples, looking for budgetary pricing, or just looking for inspiration, our experienced staff can quickly assist you and your team in identifying the best weave size, material, gauge, finish, fullness, and pre-engineered or custom attachment system to meet your specific needs, and ultimately bring your vision to life. Get connected with one of technical product specialists today by calling 1-800-999-2645 or emailing

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