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With nearly 40 years in the business developing custom architectural exterior solutions, we’re confident that you’ll find your experience working with Cascade easy, enjoyable and rewarding, and encourage you to share your performance and visual criteria with us before writing a specification.

With each new project comes a unique set of performance criteria, structural requirements, sustainability goals, design vision, and other considerations, so don't hesitate to leverage our experience by collaborating throughout the design and specification process. Our in-house technical experts can quickly help you identify the optimal combination of material specifications and pre-engineered or custom attachment hardware to develop a system that meets or exceeds all project requirements to not only ensure reliable project delivery, but save you time in the process.

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Fullness Options for Exterior Metal Mesh Drapery Applications

Fabricoil® can create a billowing drapery effect by using more material than what is required to cover a given area. This effect is called "fullness" and is expressed as a percentage of additional material. Acceptable range for fullness is 15-200%.







Fabricoil Coiled Wire Fabric Materials, Colors & Finishes for Exterior Applications

To deliver your design vision, Cascade Architectural offers high-performance protective coatings for Fabricoil® coiled wire fabric and its attachment systems to achieve your project’s functional and aesthetic requirements. Coatings are provided in a wide range of standard colors and finishes, and can also be specified in custom colors using your manufacturers paint codes or standard RAL color codes to match specific brand colors or to achieve a specific vision.

For maximum durability, Fabricoil® coiled wire fabric is typically powder-coated unless natural finishes are desired, but all standard powder coatings and base wire materials meet stringent Declare Living Building Challenge "Red List Free" requirements (labels available upon request). For a natural metal aesthetic, stainless steel and copper-clad steel coiled wire fabric can be left in its natural form. Left unfinished, copper-clad steel will slowly change to brownish hues over time and ultimately bear the classic bronze/grey/green patina for which copper is known.

For exterior applications, Cascade has conducted extensive successful salt-spray testing to ASTM G85 annex A5 test standards to 4,000 hours of exposure.

Fabricoil coiled wire fabric weaves come equipped with high-performance protective powder coatings or clear lacquer, or can be left uncoated for a more raw, natural appearance. Below are a list of raw materials used to create Fabricoil weaves, a guide to their finishes, and a look at a few of our standard powder coated finishes. Our team of experienced product specialists are ready to assist you in selecting the appropriate type of protective coating to bring your vision to life.


Aluminum 5056 – H18 Wire is an ideal material for our weaving process. Its ease of formability, high resistance to corrosion, excellent strength-to-weight ratio and its natural aesthetic qualities make aluminum wire the obvious choice for most applications. Our Aluminum Wire is very ductile-aiding to the weaving process, making it relatively cheap to manufacture. Being non-ferrous, the material does not discolor or deteriorate in most climates. Weighing almost 1/3-1/2 that of steel, Aluminum weaves can cover more area while adding minimal mass to its supports, again decreasing the overall cost. In its bare state, Aluminum Wire is light silver in appearance but can be coated any custom color. Additionally, our Aluminum wire can be polished to be more lustrous, called Brightened Aluminum. Aluminum is available in a wide variety of wire gauges.

Stainless Steel Type 316

Stainless Steel Type 316 exhibits very high levels of corrosion resistance when compared to most other stainless-steel types. It has a slightly higher strength than Type 304 and can handle higher temperatures. In most cases, Type 316 is used for all exterior applications where relatively high strengths and high resistance to oxidation or eroding is required. In its bare state, Type 316 has a lustrous metallic finish. Stainless Steel Type 316 conforms to ASTM standards and is available in a wide variety of wire gauges.

Copper-Clad Steel

Copper-Clad Steel Wire is our mild steel wire with pure copper metallurgically bonded to the low carbon steel wire’s surface. The Copper-Clad Wire exhibits a brilliant red polished finish when extruded in the continuous solid-cladding process. However, if left bare and untreated the wire’s appearance will slowly change to brownish hues and ultimately a grey/green patina. Additionally, left in its natural form Copper-Clad Steel Fabricoil® is naturally antimicrobial resulting in increased public health safety but also increased durability and beautiful aesthetics. By applying a thin layer of clear automotive lacquer, the bright salmon color can be maintained if desired. Our Copper-Clad wire conforms to ASTM standards and has both interior and exterior applications. Copper-Clad Steel is available in a wide variety of wire gauges.

Natural finish no powder coating.

Antique Bronze

Antique Copper

Brite Pearl Grey


Cinder Cone

Cloud Cap

Copper Bronze

Copper-Clad Steel

Devils Punch

Freedom Red


Himalayan White

Lava Tube


Metallic Gold

Metallic White


Sahara Shadow

Satin Black

Satin Copper


Space Black

Stainless Steel


Weave Sizes for Exterior Fabricoil Coiled Wire Fabric System Applications

All Fabricoil® coiled wire fabric weaves share the same fundamental geometry created by interlocking individual strands of spiraled wire. What can vary widely through the weave size selected is SCALE which impacts the material’s percentage of open area (between 40% and 85%), thickness (between 3/32”and 1/2”), wire gauge (from 14 to 21), textured appearance, and strength of the material/system. The best approach to determining the optimal weave size and other specification options for your application is to collaborate with one of Cascade's experienced technical product specialists who can quickly guide you to selecting the perfect weave for your unique application based on performance requirements and design intent.


Only in Natural Stainless Steel
ArchitecturalGuardian GradeCertified BlastExteriorInterior


Only in Copper-Clad Steel
ArchitecturalGuardian GradeCertified BlastExteriorInterior


ArchitecturalGuardian GradeCertified BlastExteriorInterior


ArchitecturalGuardian GradeCertified BlastExteriorInterior


ArchitecturalGuardian GradeCertified BlastExteriorInterior


ArchitecturalGuardian GradeCertified BlastExteriorInterior


ArchitecturalGuardian GradeCertified BlastExteriorInterior


ArchitecturalGuardian GradeCertified BlastExteriorInterior

Fabricoil Coiled Wire Fabric Data Sheets, Specifications & Other Resources

Engineered Attachment Systems for Exterior Architectural Mesh Applications

Backed by nearly 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom architectural solutions for the world's leading architects and designers, Cascade Architectural offers unparalleled design freedom and flexibility through not just our near limitless mesh material attributes, but our extremely versatile range of pre-engineered and custom attachment system hardware.

These systems were developed by Cascade's experienced engineering team to satisfy the most common application methods and project types, and are designed to greatly minimize the amount of engineering time required by our customers to design and build a complete architectural mesh facade screening system, exterior solar shading system, or other custom exterior metal fabric screening applications.

Moreover, every project carries the benefit of Cascade's in-house design and technical assistance services; and our custom engineering capabilities can accommodate even the most visionary designs or ambitious performance criteria. Whether you're designing a system from the ground-up, trying to identify the optimal combination of Fabricoil material specifications and attachment hardware best-suited for your application, or simply researching and comparing your options, coordination with our team throughout the life of your project will help ensure that you're maximizing the functional value of your concepts while meeting design, performance, and budgetary requirements every step of the way.

Don't hesitate to leverage our experience now by giving us a call. One of our architectural representatives will happily guide your through the system options today.

Coast (Round)

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Express (With Swage)

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Stainless Steel Secura Track

Guardian Grade
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Express w/ Threaded Rods

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We take pride in providing expert technical assistance to architects and designers like you to help ensure the success of your project at every stage, so whether you're researching design options, writing a specification, requesting samples, looking for budgetary pricing, or just looking for inspiration, our experienced staff can quickly assist you and your team in identifying the best weave size, material, gauge, finish, fullness, and pre-engineered or custom attachment system to meet your specific needs, and ultimately bring your vision to life. Get connected with one of technical product specialists today by calling 1-800-999-2645 or emailing

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