Cascade Architectural Pre-Engineered Security Gates & Screens provide architects, designers, and building owners with high-end, aesthetically pleasing security solutions that stand up to the rigors of frequently used commercial spaces. Offering more design freedom than traditional folding or scissor gates, Cascade Architectural security systems enhance entryways with their innovative coiled wire fabric material and solid hardware components.



The material, Guardian Grade Fabricoil®, provides exceptional material strength for all types of security solutions; including retail settings, shops in airports, convention centers, or any public space that customers are looking to safeguard. Created by interlocking individual spiraled metal wires to form a durable mesh fabric, Guardian Grade Fabricoil is designed to last through decades of wear and tear or intentional acts of destruction.



Cascade security systems are designed under two core considerations: aesthetic value and long-term security performance. High-traffic retail environments or applications with excessive handling rely on our durable powder coating finishes to keep the system looking fresh and new. Regardless of material choice, weave size, or finish, our commitment is to provide designers with sophisticated security solutions that stand the test of time.


Start by choosing one of our resilient metal wire materials.


5/16”, ⅜”, or ½” are standard weave sizes, then select the wire gauge size.


Expertly-applied protective powder coatings come available in a wide range of colors.


Fullness affects the textured appearance of the fabric—pull it taut or create a billowing effect.

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Engineered Attachment Systems

Guardian Grade Fabricoil is fastened securely to one of Cascade’s heavy-duty Secura Track options. Available in varieties of steel, stainless, or aluminum, Secura Track attachments allow designers to choose from optional ceiling, wall, or suspended mounting systems. For custom applications, Cascade Architectural will work with you to create exclusive attachment systems designed to meet your unique project and installation requirements.


We take pride in providing expert technical assistance to architects and designers like you to help ensure the success of your project at every stage, so whether you're researching design options, writing a specification, requesting samples, looking for budgetary pricing, or just looking for inspiration, our experienced staff can quickly assist you and your team in identifying the best weave size, material, gauge, finish, fullness, and pre-engineered or custom attachment system to meet your specific needs, and ultimately bring your vision to life. Get connected with one of technical product specialists today by calling 1-800-999-2645 or emailing

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