Cascade Architectural's Certified Blast & Projectile Protection Systems are designed and constructed to prevent loss of life and serious injury while still maintaining all of the aesthetic values expected of our systems. Our fully tested, patented, and approved blast and projectile protection systems include guardian-grade Fabricoil wire mesh strategically positioned with engineered attachment hardware to catch and contain debris or projectiles in the event of an explosion or a destructive high wind events.

Blast Protection

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The core of these GSA-approved and DHS-certified systems is guardian-grade Fabricoil™ wire mesh that uniquely flexes in a predictive and repeatable way to absorb the force of the blast or projectile, rather than transmitting this force into the building where it can harm people and property. It spreads forces to adjacent areas to harmlessly divert energy and debris away from personnel and structural building components.

Cascade Architectural's Certified Blast & Projectile Protection Systems are perfect for new construction of retrofits. The systems meet most blast mitigation requirements and can be seamlessly integrated into existing buildings, enhancing aesthetics and providing invaluable protection of occupants.

With a range customizable design options, architects and designers easily meet the aesthetic requirements of their projects. The system allows natural light to penetrate a space and gives occupants an unobstructed view to the outside, all while maintaining the ability to encapsulate and contain high-speed debris.

Specifiers are able to combine functional attributes that fall outside of blast/projectile containment when working with Cascade. Due to Fabricoil wire fabric's assortment of functions, our protection systems deliver solar control, ventilation, aesthetics and more – one system capable of providing several benefits to the end-user. Certified Blast & Projectile Protection Systems enhance interiors, eliminating fortress-like environments. With Cascade Coil, the well-being of building occupants is preserved by providing a comprehensive safety measure.

Beginning with the design phase, Cascade Architectural experts work in close collaboration with you to ensure your system achieves the desired functions and aesthetics. Throughout the process, we provide assistance in the development of construction methodologies for a safe and reliable installation.

Extreme Weather Protection

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For disaster-prone areas of the world, our GSA-Approved and DHS-Certified systems provide protection from high-wind projectile impacts that shatter windows. Certified Blast and Projectile Protection Systems are also utilized to contain fast-flying glass shards resulting from hurricanes, earthquakes and other catastrophic events.

Key Features

Superior Strength and Energy Absorption

Certified Blast & Projectile Protection Systems with guardian-grade Fabricoil wire mesh effectively absorb high-powered energy impacts by collapsing around the projectile, greatly reducing the chance of injury or damage to people and property.

Difficult to Penetrate

Round weave guardian-grade Fabricoil offers superior resistance to penetration by projectiles. To penetrate, the item must first flatten the wire mesh in all directions at the point of impact. In doing this, the projectile loses energy.

Design Advantages and Installation Savings

The custom manufacturing of Certified Blast & Projectile Protection Systems facilitates design advantages, is a reliable solution to high-threat situations, and offers installation cost savings. The relative low weight of the attached Fabricoil coiled wire fabric minimizes structural support requirements.

Fireproof and Virtually Maintenance-Free

The fireproof Fabricoil wire mesh will not absorb oil, grease, and other liquids. The material is very durable and if damaged, sections can be easily removed and replacement sections may be spliced in at the installation site.

Protects Without Diminishing Work Environment

The aesthetic appeal and variety of finish options adds a pleasant architectural element to a work environment. The flow-through design of Fabricoil wire mesh allows light into the work area and does not interfere with ventilation.

System Accreditations

  • GSA Standard Test Method for Glazing and Window Systems Subject to Dynamic Overpressure Loadings • Rating: 3b
    • Rating: 3b
  • ASTM F1642 Standard Test Method for Glazing and Glazing Systems Subject to Airblast Loadings
    • Low Hazard Level
  • ASTM F2912 Standard Specification for Glazing and Glazing Systems Subject to Airblast Loadings
  • ASTM E1300-04 Standard Practice for Determining Load Resistance of Glass in Buildings
  • ISO 16932:2016 Glass in Building - Destructive-Windstorm-Resistant Security Glazing - Test and Classification
  • ISO 16936-1:2005: Glass in Building - Forced-Entry Security Glazing
  • ISO 16933:2007 Glass in Building - Explosion Resistant Security Glazing - Test and Classification for Arena Air Blast Loading
    • Rated ISO EXV25
  • ISO 16934:2007 Glass in Building - Explosion Resistant Security Glazing - Test and Classification by Shock Tube Loading
  • AAMA 510-06 Voluntary Guide specification for Blast Hazard Mitigation for Fenestration Systems
  • UFC 4-010-01 DOD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings
  • UFGS-08 87 23.13: Whole Building Design Guide

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act 2017 both designation and certification.


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