Campari Group Achieves Modern HQ Design with Fabricoil® Partitions

Company’s New Headquarters Showcases On-Brand Design in a Collaborative Space

TUALATIN, OR…Cascade Architectural, the international leader in the design and manufacture of coiled wire fabric systems, recently provided Fabricoil® partitions for the new Campari headquarters in New York City.

The two-story, 65,000 sq. ft. headquarters office occupies the 18th and 19th floors of the Grace Building in midtown Manhattan. The two-level space is equipped with a range of vibrant and aesthetic materials, including 3/8” 15-gauge aluminum Fabricoil mesh with a Satin Bronze finish.

Architects at Gensler specified two partitions from Cascade Architectural for Campari’s U.S. headquarters. One is a curved, operable Fabricoil partition for the Fortunato Bar. The other divides a C-shaped espresso bar—which doubles as a concierge desk—and the open, modernly-designed employee café. The Fabricoil systems are secured using Cascade’s Steel Secura Track attachments.

The aesthetic qualities of Fabricoil partitions allow them to integrate well with other high-end and luxury materials. However, they’re more cost-effective than most metal mesh systems on the market today, provide a softer, sleeker look, and can be configured into more shapes and sizes compared to rigid, inflexible woven metals.

The Satin Bronze Fabricoil partitions at the Fortunato Bar can be positioned to create an enclosed social space or retracted to deliver an open bar atmosphere.

According to architects at Gensler, the goal of the new headquarters is to “attract top talent and nurture creativity among existing employees.” The Campari Group relied on manufacturers like Cascade Architectural for materials to accomplish this, ultimately elevating the interior design.

Coiled wire fabric’s design can be described as “simultaneously open and closed.” It divides spaces but can be fabricated to varying degrees of translucency, allowing for more or less privacy depending on project needs.

Campari Group is “a leading player in the global spirits industry with a portfolio counting more than 50 premium and super premium brands” across the world. The group’s new U.S. headquarters in New York City is a relocation from its previous office in San Francisco.

The office space also features “The Campari Academy”—an innovation lab where master mixologists and visiting brand ambassadors can experiment and create new craft cocktails.

The Campari Group North American Headquarters opened in March 2019.

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About Cascade Architectural: Cascade Architectural is a division of Cascade Coil Drapery, Inc., based in Tualatin, OR, the world’s leading manufacturer of coiled wire fabrics for a wide variety of applications. Cascade Architectural provides Fabricoil® architectural coiled wire fabric systems and their engineered attachment systems used by architects and designers around the world. In addition, Cascade Architectural also provides Guardian Grade Fabricoil® systems, engineered for security gates. Environmentally sustainable and made in the USA, Cascade Architectural’s coiled wire fabric has also been scientifically proven to save energy and increase thermal comfort when used as window treatments or exterior shades and scrims. For more information, visit:

Published on
November 22, 2019


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