Fabricoil® is manufactured in the USA from a wide range of metal wire materials and gauges.

Material and gauge impacts weight, functionality, aesthetics, suitability for exterior applications, and more. Wire material and gauge are selected based on the needs of your Fabricoil® application. Your Cascade Architectural representative will assist you in making the best selection for your project.


Aluminum 5056 – H18 Wire is an ideal material for our weaving process. Its ease of formability, high resistance to corrosion, excellent strength-to-weight ratio and its natural aesthetic qualities make aluminum wire the obvious choice for most applications. Our Aluminum Wire is very ductile-aiding to the weaving process, making it relatively cheap to manufacture. Being non-ferrous, the material does not discolor or deteriorate in most climates. Weighing almost 1/3-1/2 that of steel, Aluminum weaves can cover more area while adding minimal mass to its supports, again decreasing the overall cost. In its bare state, Aluminum Wire is light silver in appearance but can be coated any custom color. Additionally, our Aluminum wire can be polished to be more lustrous, called Brightened Aluminum. Aluminum is available in a wide variety of wire gauges.

Copper-Clad Steel

Copper-Clad Steel Wire is our mild steel wire with pure copper metallurgically bonded to the low carbon steel wire’s surface. The Copper-Clad Wire exhibits a brilliant red polished finish when extruded in the continuous solid-cladding process. However, if left bare and untreated the wire’s appearance will slowly change to brownish hues and ultimately a grey/green patina. Additionally, left in its natural form Copper-Clad Steel Fabricoil® is naturally antimicrobial resulting in increased public health safety but also increased durability and beautiful aesthetics. By applying a thin layer of clear automotive lacquer, the bright salmon color can be maintained if desired. Our Copper-Clad wire conforms to ASTM standards and has both interior and exterior applications. Copper-Clad Steel is available in a wide variety of wire gauges.

Stainless Steel Type 316

Stainless Steel Type 316 exhibits very high levels of corrosion resistance when compared to most other stainless-steel types. It has a slightly higher strength than Type 304 and can handle higher temperatures. In most cases, Type 316 is used for all exterior applications where relatively high strengths and high resistance to oxidation or eroding is required. In its bare state, Type 316 has a lustrous metallic finish. Stainless Steel Type 316 conforms to ASTM standards and is available in a wide variety of wire gauges.


Brite Basic Steel Wire is a low-carbon, mild steel wire with a semi-bright finish. Its relatively high strength, durability and low cost make it a great choice for a wide variety of applications. Our Brite Basic Wire conforms to ASTM standards and can be coated almost any custom color. Brite Basic Steel is available in a wide variety of wire gauges.


We take pride in providing expert technical assistance to architects and designers like you to help ensure the success of your project at every stage, so whether you're researching design options, writing a specification, requesting samples, looking for budgetary pricing, or just looking for inspiration, our experienced staff can quickly assist you and your team in identifying the best weave size, material, gauge, finish, fullness, and pre-engineered or custom attachment system to meet your specific needs, and ultimately bring your vision to life. Get connected with one of technical product specialists today by calling 1-800-999-2645 or emailing inquires@cascade-architectural.com.

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