Cascade Architectural specializes in versatile coiled wire fabric systems used by architects and designers to create gorgeous interior spaces. Perfect for enhancing any commercial interior, coiled wire fabric allows designers to tap into their creative processes, customizing the material to achieve unique aesthetics while offering a wide range of performance benefits.



The material – Fabricoil® – provides exceptional strength, durability, and aesthetic value as an interior design solution. Applications include elegant mesh curtains that mitigate sunlight and create expertly daylit spaces; floor-to-ceiling partitions that can sculpt an open area; or ceiling panels that double as decorative light diffusers.



Fabricoil® systems provide color and texture to interior spaces, react beautifully to light, and are flexible and formable. These highly customizable systems give designers their choice of material, gauge, finish, color, and much more. Cascade Architectural also provides an array of engineered attachment systems used to secure the fabric, pull it taut, or let the material hang free at the bottom to allow movement.

Engineered Attachment Systems

Cascade Architectural offers a line of pre-engineered attachment systems for a variety of interior applications. Cascade can also work with you to design custom attachment solutions specific to unique project requirements. Attachment systems can be provided with a variety of materials and finishes, including a full range of powder-coated color options, coated in house by Cascade Architectural.

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Start by choosing one of our resilient metal wire materials and wire gauge size.


Standard weave sizes range from 3/32” (2mm) to 5/8” (16mm).


Expertly-applied protective powder coatings come available in a wide range of colors.


Fullness affects the textured appearance of the fabric – pull it flat or let it flow for a billowing effect.


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