HCA Garage featuring Cascade Engineered Architectural ScreenCustom Architectural Systems with Cascade’s Fabricoil® are affordable yet highly durable systems that let architects and designers flex their creativity. Cascade's Custom Architectural Systems are relied upon to create signature interiors and exteriors – turning projects with even modest budgets into true spectacles.

Fabricoil® woven wire mesh gives you far greater flexibility to meet your design vision, functional requirements, and budget. You choose the material, gauge, color, coating/finish, weave thickness, open area and engineered attachment system for your specific project requirements. Whether you’re working with delicate, custom interior draperies or wrapping a large-scale building exterior, Cascade Architectural Systems are fully capable – delivering on function and style.


Working with Cascade Architectural is easy and enjoyable. Explore the design options below and share your functional, performance, and visual criteria with us before writing a specification. Our architectural representatives are ready to collaborate with your team to walk you through your options, help identify the best combination of Fabricoil® and engineered attachment hardware to meet your unique project requirements while maximizing the functional value of your concept.

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Design Options

Coiled wire fabric systems are available in a range of unique attachments, both fixed and track. With customizable hardware, materials, weaves, finishes, and flat or formed designs, our pre-engineered systems can be modified to meet the requirements of your individual project.

Engineered Attachment Systems Materials Weaves Finishes Fullness

To ensure an easy installation and save you time specifying Fabricoil for your project, Cascade Architectural provides a variety of engineered attachment systems to achieve your design goals. All attachment systems are designed to present Fabricoil® in its own unique way and are engineered to meet your application’s performance requirements. Any of the attachments shown can be customized or Cascade can work with you to create new attachments for your specific application. Many attachments are offered in aluminum, steel, or stainless steel and are available with optional ceiling, wall, or suspended mounting systems.

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Material and gauge impacts weight, functionality, aesthetics, suitability for exterior applications, and more. Wire material and gauge are selected based on the needs of your Fabricoil® application. Your Cascade Architectural representative will assist you in making the best selection for your project.

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All Fabricoil® weaves share the same fundamental geometry, created by interlocking individual strands of spiraled wire. What varies widely is Fabricoil’s scale. The weave you select impacts the material’s percentage of open area (from 40% to 85%), textured appearance, thickness (from 3/32” to 5/8”), wire gauge (from 14 to 21), and ultimate strength. Your knowledgeable Cascade Architectural representative is ready to help you select the perfect weave for your application.

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Cascade Architectural offers custom coatings and finishes for both Fabricoil® weaves and attachment systems. Fabricoil® weaves are sprayed and protected with durable low-VOC lacquer finishes, designer "metaltone" powder finishes, and acrylic lacquers. All coatings are available in a wide range of custom colors – matched to your paint codes in order to meet your precise application and design requirements.

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This effect is called "fullness" and is expressed as a percentage of additional material. Acceptable range for fullness is 15-200%

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Functions of Coiled Wire Fabric

Designed to fulfill the functional demands of any project from small interiors to large exteriors, Cascade Architectural coiled wire fabric systems allow architects and designers to meet their unique performance criteria without sacrificing their design vision. View all

Area Reduction

Curtains, Drapery, and Window Treatments, Partitions & Enclosures

Securing Inventory

Security Gates & Screens, Partitions & Enclosures, Blast and Debris Screens

Securing Storefronts & Kiosks

Security Gates & Screens, Partitions & Enclosures


Awnings & Canopies, Wall Cladding, Curtains, Drapery, and Window Treatments, Partitions & Enclosures, Building Facades, Infill, Living Walls & Water Features, Retail Displays & Signage, Residential, Ceiling Treatments, Media Walls & Backdrops

Fall Protection

Curtains, Drapery, and Window Treatments, Security Gates & Screens, Partitions & Enclosures, Infill, Residential

Light Diffusion & Daylighting

Awnings & Canopies, Wall Cladding, Curtains, Drapery, and Window Treatments, Partitions & Enclosures, Infill, Blast and Debris Screens, Media Walls & Backdrops

Solar Shading

Awnings & Canopies, Wall Cladding, Curtains, Drapery, and Window Treatments, Building Facades, Ceiling Treatments, Blast and Debris Screens

Blast Mitigation

Curtains, Drapery, and Window Treatments, Blast and Debris Screens


Security Gates & Screens

Partitioning Spaces

Curtains, Drapery, and Window Treatments, Partitions & Enclosures

Energy Saving



We take pride in providing expert technical assistance to architects and designers like you to help ensure the success of your project at every stage, so whether you're researching design options, writing a specification, requesting samples, looking for budgetary pricing, or just looking for inspiration, our experienced staff can quickly assist you and your team in identifying the best weave size, material, gauge, finish, fullness, and pre-engineered or custom attachment system to meet your specific needs, and ultimately bring your vision to life. Get connected with one of technical product specialists today by calling 1-800-999-2645 or emailing inquires@cascade-architectural.com.

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